The Colours of Sunset

The Colours of Sunset

by Caylie Warkentin

Visit the white-cobblestoned city of Oia at sunset and you'll be surrounded by hundreds of tourists and locals alike looking westward towards the horizon come evening. As the sun dips below the horizon and the last speck of light is eclipsed from view, people will bring their hands together, clapping in unison. It's a moment of shared awe - of admiration for some of the most intense natural light and pigment we bear witness to.

Sunset exists not as a singular moment but as a continuum which begins eight minutes and twenty seconds from when we observe light that travels through distance. As it comes through our atmosphere, tiny particles like dust, gas, and water particles reflect the light, giving shape to our sunsets. Cool blue light, which has the shortest wavelength, struggles to navigate these particles in the atmosphere. Red light, with the longest wavelength, can more easily bypass these particles and brings more intense warm colour to the sky.  This is why sunsets are often enjoyed in shades of reds, salmons, orange and yellows.

Our SUN KISS TINTS capture the essence of the sun, both through the intense, buildable pigments inspired by sunset and through the nutritive power of the sun.  We capture the healthful properties of sunlight through the inclusion of organic, vegan vitamin D3 - the first lip care to include the essential sunshine vitamin. 

Our ingredients are simple, meaningful, and efficacious. We formulate our lip care with just six plant-based ingredients. Manufactured locally, we believe in keeping our production community-centred and grounded in wellness for ourselves and for our planet.

Notice the four sun-phase symbols on the exterior of our magnetic tube. These gold symbols that begin first with a half-circle - for sunrise, to a solid circle - the round, plump sun of mid-day, to a sun eclipsed by the horizon line. The final phase is a crescent moon - representing evening, not an absence of light, but rather when new light becomes visible.

Our design is intended to be reminiscent of both our place in the vastness of the cosmos and of phases throughout our day, reminding us of the passing of time and how we can reach for boosts of vitamin D to nourish our lips in a moment of self-care, wellness and reflection.

Our lip tints are buildable. We designed a luscious, hydrating formula which can be slicked on lips or cheeks to bring a moment of sunshine and colour to your everyday.

RUBY harkens back to the classic glamour of old Hollywood. You’re the main character of your own movie. This lip colour will remind everyone else of that, too.

CORAL is reminiscent of a hot, humid summer. This bright orange red will bring a glow to your lips that will stop traffic!

DAHLIA is a mystery novel waiting to be read. Rich deep red, without any mauve undertones, this tint likens to the trail of rose petals leading to your door. Mystery awaits!

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